Astigmatism Contacts | Colored Contacts For Astigmatism

At one time astigmatism contacts were not available for those with astigmatism. If you wanted to correct your vision, you had to go with wearing glasses. That’s because the technology needed to make the delicate refinements to a contact lens was not available.

Over the years, however, the improvements in contact lens technology has made it possible for many with the condition to get rid of their glasses.

In short, astigmatism contacts are perfect for those who don’t want the hassle of wearing glasses but also don’t want to undergo an invasive operation to get their eyes fixed. It’s a good middle ground.

Special Ordering Astigmatism Contacts

Obviously, before you get your lenses, you will have to be examined by an optometrist who will determine what types of adjustments to your vision are needed for you to see clearly. Make sure that you get two prescriptions – one for glasses and one for contact lenses. Sometimes they will be the same, but more often then not, they will be different.

Once he gives you a prescription, you have a number of choices. The first is to order them directly from your optometrist. If you are getting contacts for the first time, this is actually a good option. If there are any problems, he will be able to make the necessary adjustments.

However, if you have had them before, and your prescription has not changed, and you merely want a replacement or extras, you can get a better price deal by ordering them directly yourself from an online outlet.

Colored Astigmatism Contact Lenses

If you are looking to make a fashion statement, you can even wear colored contact lenses. Colored astigmatism contacts have been available since companies have been making astigmatism contacts.

Until relatively recently, however, colored astigmatism contact lenses were a lot more expensive than normal contact lenses. But, these days, the costs have come down considerably. It will still cost you more than regular contact lenses but the price discrepancy is not nearly as much as it once was.

Potential Astigmatism Contact Problems

Once you have your contact lenses, your optometrist will give you instructions on how to care for them. Make sure you follow them explicitly. Most important, however, is to ensure that you keep them clean. Otherwise, you risk infecting your eyes and possibly causing long term damage.

Many people who have tried both normal contact lenses and astigmatism contact lenses report a bit more irritation with the astigmatism lenses. This is probably because they are weight balanced differently than normal lenses. If you do experience constant irritation, it may help to try a different brand. Otherwise, you may have to simply go back to wearing glasses.

Astigmatism contacts are mostly an option for those who have mild to intermediate astigmatism. If you have severe astigmatism, contacts may not be an options for you. In this case you may be limited to a surgical eye procedure or glasses.