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Corrective Cost of Laser Eye Surgery

For many, the corrective cost of laser eye surgery is not just monetary. If not done correctly, eye laser surgery can have a physical cost as well.

From a monetary standpoint, it's important to be aware of the fact that Medicare and most insurance companies won't cover the cost of corrective eye laser surgery because they consider it cosmetic and elective. So you can easily wind up spending the entire $300 or more out of your pocket. Dollar cost is, of course, relative and depends mostly on the location of the doctor. The same surgery by an equally qualified physician will cost much more if done in Manhattan, New York than it will if done if Boise, Idaho. A laser eye surgery center in Canada will have a different cost structure than laser eye surgery in central Pennsylvania.

While one usually equates costs with prices of laser eye surgery, there are other costs which a prospective patient needs to know about before he goes ahead with this procedure. While the majority of people who undergo laser eye surgery feel the costs are outweighed by the benefits, there are some that have not had such a pleasant experience and felt it was just not worth it.

Here is a brief rundown of some of the possible physical corrective costs of laser eye surgery. By no means does this mean that you will experience these effects. But it is is information you should know about and understand. There are risks in any kind of surgical procedure and nothing is fool proof.

Dry Eyes

The most common physical costs of laser eye surgery is that people report excessively dry eyes. This happens more so with people living in cold climates, those who take antihistamines and post menopausal women. All doctors give patients artificial tears to lubricate their eyes for weeks or months after the surgery. Others insert microscopic tear plugs in the eyes in severe cases. It is advised to use a humidifier if you suffer from dry eyes and keep in touch with your doctor if other symptoms persist.

Over or Under Correction

Most often than not, patients do see a remarkable difference in their vision yet do not have perfect eye sight. This can mean that they need additional surgeries. However, depending on your level of near or far sightedness and your age and other medical history factors, you may or may not be a good candidate for further procedures as they too have their risks.

Impaired Night Vision

Another disturbing cost of laser eye surgery is seeing ghosts or halos especially in the night which can be hazardous while driving in dark areas. Although sometimes this heals on it's on, other times it requires further laser procedures to be corrected.

Many people every year are helped by corrective laser eye surgery and experience no ill effects whatsoever after the operation. However, before you submit to any surgery, make sure you are making your decision with all of the pertinent facts in mind.

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