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Customized Eye Laser Surgery

70 out of every 100 people who wear glasses to correct some type of eye trouble are near sighted or far sighted with astigmatism thrown randomly into the mix. For this reason, very few people need customized eye laser surgery - as most type of laser eye surgery already fall into these main categories.

While many people have some kind of optical imperfections as far as their vision goes, the majority of these people are near sighted, far sighted or have astigmatism. Around 70 per cent of people who wear corrective glasses or prescription lenses fall under this category and in order to have laser surgery done, they need not customize it.

However, in around 10 to 15 per cent of the population, the problems are more unique and it requires a customized eye laser surgery as no standard procedure can fix it. It is compared to a fingerprint in such that each person’s cornea shape and size in such cases will be absolutely unique and therefore warrant customized eye laser surgery.


They will need to shape the cornea in a way that fits that particular patient’s measurement. Often, the technique used is called a Wavefront Analysis and it uses a procedure called an Aberrator which when coupled with a laser use high speeds to control the laser energy with the help of a computer to the cornea of the eye.

This system is customized in eye laser surgery treatments as it lets the doctor see the deviations or abnormalities in the eye with detailed, rotating 3D images as opposed to a two dimensional picture. In the first step, the laser emits a low energy night in to the eye. This light is reflected and sent back through the cornea similar to a wavefront. The Aberrator thus is able to calculate the high and low order irregularities of the eye.

The measurements derived from the Aberrator are then fed in to the Excimer Laser Eye Surgery System that allows the surgeon to make very precise movements in order to reshape the cornea and reduce or eliminate the need for the patient to have a prescription.  
This customized eye laser surgery is definitely more complex than the standard LASIK procedures which are being performed more routinely today than ever before.

Buyer Beware

However, with the advantages of precise measurements with an Aberrator and Excimer system also come risks of complications. Always make sure you are a suitable candidate for customized eye laser surgery and weigh the potential costs and benefits of aiming for perfect vision.

Surgery is not a minor matter. Regardless how sophisticated the customized eye laser surgery procedure is, there are still chances that you may need subsequent surgeries to correct the refraction issues.

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