Lasek VS Lasik – Which Is Better?

LASEK VS LASIK – which is the best type of operation to have to improve your eyes? Is there any difference at all between the two?

When you hear people talk about laser eye surgery, usually three types of laser eye procedures will come up in the conversation – LASIK, LASEK, and epi-LASIK.

Of the three, LASIK is the most popular laser eye surgery performed today. LASEK and epi-LASEK are synonymous. Like LASIK surgery, it is a refractive surgical technique used by its practitioners to reshape the cornea.

General Lasek Lasik Comparisons

In LASIK surgery, a flap is created using a microkeratome …. With LASEK surgery, however, a flap is not created. Instead, the physician sculpts the cornea slowly taking off one layer at at time. As a result, the advantage here goes to LASEK because there is almost zero risk of flap complications occurring since LASEK creates no flap. In fact, most of the complications that occur during LASIK surgery is directly due to problems with the flap – such as flap displacement.

If you decide to undergo LASIK surgery, your recovery time will be faster than LASEK. However, LASEK surgeons are now using a new generation of excimer lasers which brings the overall recovery time of the two methods closer together. Currently, if you have LASIK surgery, you can return to work the next day. If you have LASEK surgery, it may be one to three days before you can comfortably return to work.

LASEK surgery is the oldest of the two types of surgery. It has been around since 1987. And, 8 years later, the FDA approved it for general use.

Candidates for LASIK surgery have a higher bar to meet than those for LASEK and, as a result, some candidates are simply not able to qualify for LASIK. Since LASEK is less invasive, however, you may be able to qualify for LASEK surgery. For example, if you have a cornea whose thickness is less than average, LASEK surgery may actually be better for you than LASIK. LASEK surgery may also be best for you if you have either wide pupils or flat corneas.

LASEK VS LASIK – Final Results

There have been many published studies comparing the results of LASIK VS LASEK. Aside from recovery time and initial discomfort following the surgery, is there any evidence that LASIK or LASEK will give you better eyesight? The consensus is that, essentially, there is no difference in the final outcome between the two types of surgery.

However, there is a difference in the amount of time that will be required for your eyes to settle down into what will be your new normal vision. With LASIK, you will have your final vision in about a month or less. With LASEK, you may have to wait three months to know what your final vision will be. However, with LASEK, you often will not get that post-operative haze that you often will following a LASIK operation.