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Laser Eye Surgery in Oklahoma City

As in many places these days, laser eye surgery in Oklahoma City is not that hard to come by. Laser eye surgery has become so common that you can find laser eye clinics in almost any city of America.

Oklahoma city is one of the largest cities in the U.S. It also has one of the more controversial laser eye surgery histories regarding laser eye surgery and who can practice it. In 2004, Oklahoma passed legislation that would allow optometrists to perform laser eye surgeries excluding retina, laser in-situ (i.e. LASIK), and cosmetic lid surgery.

Prior to Oklahoma passing this law, most states would specifically prohibit optometrists from performing surgery, as they have not been medically trained to do so. Unknown to many people, states have great leeway to define what constitutes surgery. In other words, what does not constitute laser eye surgery in Oklahoma City may very well be considered eye laser surgery in South Florida.

In 1998, Oklahoma changed it's definition of optometry to include some of the less invasive forms of laser surgery. Oklahoma's law now allows optometrists to perform “nonlaser surgery procedures as authorized by the Oklahoma Board of Examiners in Optometry.

Physicians organizations were understandably upset at the ruling that, in effect, would allow legislators to determine those qualified to do surgical operations as opposed to a physicians board. Optometrists, on the other hand were pleased as it allowed them another source of income.

As we age, many of our faculties decline, such as our vision. Laser eye surgery has become an extremely popular method of correcting vision problems. But all surgery is dangerous and it's worth knowing how the particular state that you plan on having your laser eye surgery performed in - how do they define surgery. And who do they allow to do it.

There are many places in Oklahoma City to choose from if you desire laser eye surgery and you will have no problem finding a clinic near you. And it would be great to finally have great vision and toss away those glasses or contacts. However, the eyes are probably the most important of our senses and before you have an operation that can potentially take your sight away you need to find out all of the surgical qualifications of the person that will be performing the operation.

A good thing to do before setting your appointment is to talk to people that have had laser eye surgery, find out everything you can about it, and write down a list of questions to ask the clinic once you show up for your appointment. The information you provide will help the clinic determine if you're a good candidate for the procedure. If you're a good candidate, the representative of the laser eye surgery clinic in Oklahoma City will then discuss the date of your procedure as well as payment options.

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