Lasik Bay Area

Finding excellent laser eye surgery clinics in the Bay Area of San Francisco is normal for this area. The San Francisco Bay Area also called the Bay Area or simply the Bay encompasses nine counties and over one hundred cities, including San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose.

Laser eye surgery is an incredibly common and popular procedure today, and for good reason. It offers people with vision problems a way out, and helps to relieve or even completely eliminate their dependence on glasses or contact lenses.

The procedure itself is outpatient and takes no more than a few hours in total, and the recovery time is typically very quick as well. This is very beneficial, because for one it is less frightening to the average patient, and as well because of the speedy recovery time involved, more people are able to go through with the procedure and not have to worry about taking time off work.

Laser Eye Surgery Bay Area Centers

There are literally hundreds of thousands of different options around the world, but when it comes to laser eye surgery Bay area centers in particular, there are a few that are especially notable.

One of the most highly established and reputable laser eye surgery Bay area centers is Scott Hyver Visioncare, Inc., a company that specializes in Wavefront Lasik, and which is considered as being one of the very best laser vision correction practices serving the greater San Francisco Bay area.

They are a laser eye surgery Bay area center that was started by renowned eye surgeon Dr. Scott Hyver, who is actually the optometrist for the entire San Francisco 49ers football team. He is a Harvard graduate and one of the most well respected corneal refraction surgeons in the world.

It is no wonder then as to why his practice is so highly regarded, and why so many people are vying to have their procedure done at his center. They offer an array of different services here, namely LASIK, LASEK, and PRK.

Another of the most popular and worthwhile laser eye surgery Bay area centers is the Stanford Eye Laser Center, which not only offers the well known LASIK surgery, but as well IntraLASIK, which by performing, the creation of the initial flap with the conventional LASIK procedure is made using a mechanical device.

They offer one of the most experienced and knowledgeable surgical staffs in the world, and so you can definitely put your faith and trust in them and feel comfortable having your procedure completed at their center.

The most important thing here is your safety, and even though laser eye surgery is considered as being a minor procedure, it is still a procedure nonetheless and therefore there are possible risks and complications. Just make sure that you are in the best hands possible.