What Kind Of People Need Laser Eye Surgery

Laser eye surgery has become so popular in recent years that you can even find them in malls. But what kind of people need laser eye surgery?

You will be surprised to find that the answer to what kind of people need laser eye surgery, can cover a broad range of people with various eye problems. There is a checklist that can help you to determine what kind of people need laser eye surgery, you may be surprised to find that you make a good candidate for laser eye surgery.

Factors To Consider

If you are thinking about LASIK eye surgery or if you are just curious about what kind of people need laser eye surgery then you should take the following factors into consideration. First you need to consider what the impact such a surgical procedure will have on your career. Will the surgery help your eye condition and does your job make enough money so that you can afford a laser eye surgery procedure.

You also need to consider any existing medical conditions you may have. Those who have an autoimmune disease, a major illness, or a chronic illness that slows or alters healing then laser eye surgery may not be for you. Consider your eye conditions, do you currently have or have you ever had any difficulties with your eyes that required you to need glasses or contact lenses. Even if you have glasses and contacts are your eyes in a stable condition or has your eye prescription been altered in the last year. Consider how strong or weak your glasses are, do you only use them occasionally or do you need an extra strong eye prescription?

Your doctor will need to determine your pupil size, whether they are extra large in dim rooms. They will also determine if the thickness of your cornea is okay. You should be aware if you have dry eyes or if your tear glands aren’t working properly. You should tell your doctor about any medications you are taking especially if you are taking medications such as steroids which could lengthen your healing time or prevent healing.

Another part that goes into answering the question of what kind of people need laser eye surgery is considering the procedure itself. Are you willing to undergo additional surgeries in order to get the desired result in case of over treatment or under treatment.

Be aware that the long-term results of laser eye surgery are not known and the results may not be lasting depending on your eye condition.